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Facebook Advertising: a Very Strange Gap in Data

I decided to play with facebook advertising and was really quite surprised to see some unusual things going on. So I set up a campaign to promote one of my websites: I check back a month later and I see the following: 214,251 people

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Conversion Rate Optimisation: 5 Important Factors

A lot of the time on our journey for rankings and traffic we lose track of the ultimate goal: conversion. Over the years I have learnt a lot of useful techniques and gained insight into what drives the ultimate conversion rate. #1: Matching Search Intent

CTR Optimization on Search Engine Results – Part 1

Within the SEO space, almost every topic or niche is beaten to death – backlinking, keyword targeting, on page optimization, local search, citation building and social media/signals. There is one area which really isn’t though, and that is CTR optimization on search results. The reason