Facebook Advertising: a Very Strange Gap in Data

I decided to play with facebook advertising and was really quite surprised to see some unusual things going on.

So I set up a campaign to promote one of my websites: dhowcruise.net

I check back a month later and I see the following:

  • 214,251 people reached
  • 8235 Results: Link Clicks
  • $981 USD spent

Sounds good.

So naturally like any good SEO boy I decided to try and get some insight into what actually happened with all that traffic?

How many of them converted.

And here the strangeness begins.

As I open the acquisition part, I notice that for the same period my TOTAL number of visitors to the site isn’t even 8235, its actually just 6243.

Out of which 4428 are organic search visitors.


So where did those people get lost to?

Before you ask, all my versions of the site www., http:// and dhowcruise.net all redirect to https://dhowcruise.net

I have a single installation of the site only AND it has the correct google analytics tracker.

Very confusing, so I decided to write a message to facebook.



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